Control the behavior of each individual section of an exam. Each exam contains one or more sections, which are shown either all-at-once or progressively to the user.

section_config(section, button_label, fix_order)



name of the section for which to set configuration options.


the label for the button at the end of a section. Default button label is Submit answers. If progressive=FALSE, only the button in the last section will be displayed.


logical if the section should remain fixed in order.


The section configuration can be set in the metadata of the exam file and with the section_config() function. Options set via section_config() take precedence over options set in the metadata.

The last section in the exam document is assumed to be a "final remark" and displayed to the user after an attempt is finished, without possibility of submitting the section.

Sections are identified by their name. For example, a section with title # Section 1: Multiple Choice Questions would be identified by "Section 1: Multiple Choice Questions". Note that pandoc heading identifiers (anything in {} at the end of the section title) are omitted from the name.

See also

Other exam configuration: exam_config()