Exams are typically a stressful and task for learners. You may not want to add an extra layer of difficulty for your learners if they are not English speakers. The examinr package allows you to customize and translate every message the user may encounter during an exam: error messages, status messages, buttons, and so on.

In examinr, these strings are generally referred to as status messages. The package comes with pre-defined status messages in English, stored in a YAML file. These messages are loaded as the examinr package is loaded.

You can overwrite the default status messages by loading them from your own YAML file with status_messages(). This YAML file can be created by calling status_message_template() from an interactive R session on your local computer. In an R session with working directory set to the folder containing the exam document, run


to create the file examinr_messages.yaml in sub-directory www. (Note: exam documents are shiny prerendered documents, as such the file must be located in the www sub-directory to be available at run-time.) This file contains all default status messages used by examinr. To define your own status messages, edit the file and ensure it is saved in UTF-8 encoding.

You can include your custom set of status messages in the exam document via

#! context="server-start"