Customize the status messages displayed at various times and states during an exam. A template with the default status messages can be saved as a YAML text file with status_message_template().


status_messages(file, messages)



path to the messages file. For status_message_template(), this is where the template is saved (if NULL, only returns the default messages). For status_messages(), the file to read the status messages from.


Optionally specify the messages via an R list, in the same format as returned by status_message_template(). If messages is set, file is ignored with a warning.


status_message_template() invisibly returns the default messages as R list. status_messages() invisibly returns the new status messages as R list.


Note that status_message_template() should not be called from within an exam document. Rather, generate the template once, modify as necessary, and use in the exam document by specifying the file name in the exam_document() or by calling status_messages()

Calling status_messages() without arguments invisibly returns the currently set status messages.